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We offer a variety of resources to accelerate your journey to self-mastery, including books, events, and live and on-demand online metaphysical mastery courses.

All of our offerings feature original and exclusive wisdom from spiritual professionals who are leading the way with  popular topics for spiritual growth, including strategic guidance for growing your spiritual business.

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What is Spirituality?

Great question.

Spirituality University uses an inclusive definition of the term:

Spirituality is a personal, individually defined way of connecting with God, Source, the Universe, Spirit, or an all-loving Divine energy that is within everyone and everything.

The definition of Spirituality may be as varied as every person on the planet.

We aspire to connect you with a definition of Spirituality that fits you and supports your power. Perhaps your definition involves religion; perhaps it involves a sacred spiritual practice; perhaps it is without words; perhaps you don't know yet.

All are welcome here for being exactly where they are on their journey.

Our metaphysical classes and offerings are created and shared with the intention of connecting you with your Divine power, soul gifts, and unlimited energy.

Our Mission

Spirituality University is committed to offering non-religious, metaphysical, and esoteric knowledge from quality spiritual experts.

Our driving intention is to inspire and empower spiritual seekers wishing to know themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way. Classes, resources, books and all materials are selected to support every student's journey to the answers they already hold within. 

The guiding principles of Spirituality University include:

  • Customizing your spiritual growth based on your passions
  • Actively learn in your own way, at your speed, by following your guidance
  • Pre-screened, qualified, experienced teachers
  • Advanced information designed to save you hours of time
  • Ongoing accountability for your learning
  • Respect and support for your journey as it is experienced your way
  • Practical guidance, realistic information, inspiring perspectives

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What if your biggest challenge, deepest vulnerability, or worst fear

was only leading you to more of your own inner light?

In this special collection of female experiences, meet 24 real women - who feel like new friends - as they openly and courageously share with you their private struggles and unexpected life developments.

From divorce, friendships ending, questioning her life direction, and life-threatening health challenges, to losing her mom, becoming a mom, moving through inner pain, spiritual growth, and many more topics, every story is shared openly and from her heart.

As each woman reemerges on the other side of a hardship and dark period, she offers you greater wisdom, forgiveness, strength, and trust to support you in your own life.

Be prepared for greater healing and peace as you emotionally connect with each woman who hopes to inspire you through life’s challenges and unexpected turns. She reminds you that no matter what may be unfolding, every journey is ultimately an invitation to know more of your soul and self, while fully embracing yourself as a modern heroine.

Now available on Amazon worldwide

100% of book royalties are being donated to Women for Women International

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New and Popular! Meditation Coloring Books

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New! Free Weekly Business Training
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Every video focuses on growing your spiritual passion into a real, solid business with expanding results and no-nonsense advice.

Current Topics:

- Small Email List? Do THIS Now. 
- Overview + Perks of Being an Indie Author
- What is your MOST Important Long-Term Business Priority? (It's not email or social media!)
- What Your Brand Needs Most
- What Do You Need To Do IMMEDIATELY After Receiving Payment From A Client? 

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