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Spiritual Business Development

Spirituality University can help you go bigger,
save time and money,
and expand your online sales
with professional, strategic marketing advice
geared towards spiritual professionals and authors.

 Free Weekly Business Training to teach you how to build up an effective - and low-maintenance - online marketing and sales process.

Each weekly video focus on specific sales and marketing advice for your online audience.

You'll learn how to create a successful sales process that will engage your target clients and readers without being "sales-y" - and you don't have to waste a lot of time or money along the way.

Keep building up your social media following and sending people to your email newsletter.

Both of these marketing channels will be discussed more in the classes and everything you are doing now with both of these avenues will help you in the future.

 Mastering Abundance In Your Spiritual Business

Many spiritual experts are doing business in new ways as part of the global shift.


As you follow your dreams and create your path as you go, oftentimes, being financially supported becomes one of the main priorities – and reveals itself as a deep fear.


Will the right clients who value me show up?


Am I unconsciously limiting myself with my products and services?


How do I realistically grow my business and find new clients?


What priorities are worth my time right now?


How do I promote my work – without giving it all away?


Are my rates realistic – or am I selling myself short?


All of these questions and more are thoroughly explored and evaluated in this Mastery Course with the intention of consciously realigning your personal energy – and your business’s foundation – with the energy of abundance that is your natural state and birth right.

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Calling All Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Indie Spiritual Authors!

Discover everything you need to take your spiritual business and messages to the next level!

In a forthcoming 8-part series, you will receive so much information about expanding your business and taking your message out into the world that it will literally save you years of time, energy, and money.

  • Classes and information are tailored directly for you and your unique needs as a spiritual messenger. 
  • All complex information is transformed into simple explanations and practical understandings.
  • Each module is filled with guidance and realistic advice so you can establish a solid, strong business - and grow!

You have never received professional training or guidance like this before - seriously.

Early reviewers of the program have said:

"I've never heard this information before!"

"Wow, you're giving a lot of content in each module."

"I wish I had this back when I was starting my business because I definitely took the hard road."

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